Valve installation attention and principle introduction of diesel generator set


1. After the new conduit is installed in the cylinder head, use a reamer to correct the roundness and inner hole size of the conduit, so that the gap between the valve stem and the conduit hole complies with the specifications of the diesel generator manual, and the finely processed valve stem cannot be processed. In use, the gap between the valve stem and the guide hole must not exceed the wear limit specified in the engine manual. Generally, as long as the gap between the valve stem and the guide tube reaches 0.13 mm (valve with a rod diameter equal to or less than φ8 mm) or 0.16 mm (rod diameter Valves larger than φ8 mm) need to replace the valve or guide tube, otherwise it will cause early damage to the valve.

2. The valves of diesel generator sets of different models in the same series may be different, so do not mix them.

3. For the deformed or burned valve seat, it must be corrected by reaming and grinding. It cannot be repaired only by grinding against the valve. For the valve seat that cannot be repaired, it should be replaced with a new one. The repaired or newly replaced seat ring and conduit The holes should be coaxial with a tolerance of 0.03mm. The valve should be installed in the valve seat, and the sinking of the valve and the cylinder head should meet the requirements specified in the engine manual.

4. Grind the valve and valve seat lightly to ensure the sealing of the valve. Coarse abrasives are not used during grinding. The contact part between the valve seat and the valve cone surface should be in the middle and lower part of the valve cone surface. The valve and seat ring must be sealed, and the seal is not good. It will cause the power of the generator set to drop and the valve to be damaged early.

5. After grinding, clean the abrasive with kerosene, and then lubricate the valve stem and guide tube with clean engine oil.

In our daily life and production, no matter what kind of machine or equipment, it has its own working principle when working, and the same is true for the diesel generator set we are going to talk about here. If you are not a pro You may not be very familiar with this product. In fact, it refers to a small power generation equipment, which mainly uses diesel fuel as fuel, and then drives a generator to generate electricity. Speaking of the working principle of this equipment, it is relatively simple Yes, the diesel generator is filtered by the air filter and mixed with the high-pressure atomized diesel injected from the fuel injector, and then the piston in the cylinder of the diesel engine is constantly squeezed up and down, so that the space volume of the diesel engine is continuously reduced, so the temperature The rapid increase has reached the ignition point of diesel oil to drive power generation. After the above description, I believe that you are smart and have a preliminary understanding of this machine.