Permanent magnet motor magnetic circuit structure and design

The biggest difference between a permanent magnet generator and an excitation generator is that its excitation magnetic field is generated by permanent magnets. Permanent magnets are both a magnetic source and an integral part of a magnetic circuit in a motor. The magnetic properties of permanent magnets are not only related to the manufacturing process of the manufacturer, but also related to the shape and size of the permanent magnets, the capacity of the magnetizer and the magnetization method. The specific performance data are highly discrete. Moreover, the magnetic flux and magnetomotive force that the permanent magnet can provide in the motor also vary with the material properties, size and operating status of the rest of the magnetic circuit. In addition, the magnetic circuit structure of the permanent magnet generator is various, the leakage magnetic circuit is very complex and the proportion of the leakage flux is relatively large, the ferromagnetic material part is relatively easy to saturate, and the magnetic permeability is nonlinear. All of these increase the complexity of the electromagnetic calculation of the permanent magnet generator, making the accuracy of the calculation result lower than that of the electric excitation generator. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a new design concept, re-analyze and improve the magnetic circuit structure and control system; must apply modern design methods, study new analysis and calculation methods to improve the accuracy of design calculations; must study the use of advanced testing methods and manufacturing craft.





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