Brief introduction of several major diesel engine companies in China



The predecessor of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. was "Yulin Quantang Industrial Co., Ltd.", which was established in 1951. It is an investment company focusing on the main business of power system and building a complementary industrial chain. The company has more than 30 wholly-owned, holding and shareholding subsidiaries, and has industrial bases in Guangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing, Liaoning and other places.

The company has more than 9,000 sets of main production equipment. The main products are diesel engines and generator sets. It has twelve series of light, medium and heavy-duty multi-cylinder diesel engines with a power coverage of 55-440 kilowatts. standard. With the characteristics of high horsepower, high torque, high reliability, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise, strong adaptability and perfect and convenient service, the products have become the supporting power for domestic main trucks, buses, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc. .

Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Shanghai Diesel Engine Factory. The company designed and manufactured my country's 6135 diesel engine in 1958, creating a precedent for my country's medium-bore diesel engine and establishing the company's basic position in the industry. The company has three series of diesel engines, including D114, C121, and 135 (G128), with a full power coverage of 60-420 horsepower.

The products are mainly used in power supporting leaders such as commercial vehicles, construction machinery, ships and self-provided power stations, and are exported to more than 50 countries and regions. On the basis of existing products, the company has also developed new products such as LPG, natural gas, dimethyl ether and dual-fuel engines to enhance the company's ability to cope with energy shortages and sustainable development.

Shangchai generator sets have a long history and have high prestige among domestic generator sets. Shangchai is a joint-stock listed company (listed in 1993) and one of the first five companies to win the Shanghai Quality Gold Award. The predecessor of Shangchai Company was the Wusong Manufacturing Plant of China Agricultural Machinery Corporation. It was officially named Shanghai Diesel Engine Factory in 1953. Through the continuous efforts of Shangchai, its quality has been certified by users.

Changchai Co., Ltd. is the first listed company in the national agricultural machinery industry and Changzhou City. Changchai is now a national large-scale first-class enterprise and one of the 520 key enterprises in the country. bit.

Changchai mainly produces single-cylinder and multi-cylinder medium and small power diesel engines. It is an enterprise in the national small diesel industry with complete product varieties, wide power coverage, excellent quality, high popularity, and independent intellectual property rights for its leading products. The single-cylinder diesel engines owned by Changchai mainly include eight series of products: S, ZS, R, F, L, D, SQD, and H. The multi-cylinder diesel engines mainly include four series of products: 75-80, 85-90, 4L, and 102. The range is 1.7~72 kilowatts, and there are more than 1,000 varieties. Changchai products are widely used in pickup trucks, light trucks, low-speed trucks, tractors, combine harvesters, generator sets, construction machinery, ships and other fields.

Changchai has domestic advanced internal combustion engine manufacturing equipment and technology. Since the 1980s and 1990s, it has successively introduced advanced casting, processing and internal combustion engine testing equipment from the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other countries, and has an enterprise technology center. And the post-doctoral scientific research workstation, the enterprise technology center has a total of more than 500 professional and technical personnel including doctors, with strong scientific research and technical strength, which has laid a good software and hardware foundation for the enterprise to design and manufacture high-quality products with independent intellectual property rights. By the end of 2005, Changchai had obtained a total of 42 national patents, achieved more than 500 scientific research achievements and four new projects, and more than ten multi-cylinder diesel engines passed the Euro II emission standards, passed the US EPA certification and the EU EC certification, It is at the leading level in the same industry in China.

Changchai has built a sales and service network covering the whole country, with service outlets all over urban and rural areas. In the national small and medium power diesel engine industry, it has complete and wide coverage, and can provide customers with high-quality, efficient and timely services.

Founded in 1946, Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd. has a development history of more than 70 years. It is a key enterprise in R&D, manufacturing and sales of internal combustion engines supported by the state. It is now a large-scale provincial enterprise managed by the State-owned Assets Management Committee of the People's Government of Shandong Province. group.

Weichai is an international multinational conglomerate, with business sectors such as power system, automobile business, construction machinery, intelligent logistics, agricultural equipment, and marine transportation equipment in the world. Its subsidiaries are located in Europe, North America, Asia and other regions, and its products are exported to more than 110 countries countries and regions.