Installation process of marine diesel generator set



Marine diesel generator sets are mainly close to the water, and most of the marine applications require parallel connection of multiple machines, divided into main engine and auxiliary engine, and land use depends on the specific situation. Therefore, the marine generator set is mainly waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-resistant, and turbulent. So how to install the marine diesel generator set correctly?

1. Preparation before installation

1. Familiar with understanding and mastering all design drawings of diesel generator sets and their installation, product installation and operation instructions and other technical documents.

2 When picking up supporting equipment from the warehouse, you must check its integrity, and check the product nameplate, specification, and model.

3. Check the appearance of the equipment for scratches, paint peeling, rust and debris pollution.

4. Check the rust-proof sealing status of all nozzles, threaded joints, etc.

5. For the supporting equipment that has been inspected, there must be corresponding safety measures such as cleaning, moisture-proof, and scratch-proof.

6. Parts such as the base, pads, and adjusting gaskets must be checked according to relevant documents such as drawings.

2. Process requirements

1 Base panel The flatness of the base panel: standard range &le2mm/m, allowable limit deviation &le5mm/m, local, scattered, and a small amount of tolerance are allowed.

2. The installation of steel and cast iron adjusting gasket bases

3. Gaskets, pads, bolts and washers for installation shall meet the requirements of the design drawings.

4. Installation clearance: Before fastening the diesel generator set and the base, check the adjusting gasket and the fixed pad with a 0.05mm feeler gauge. The local allowable insertion depth is less than 10mm. The gap between the shock absorber and the adjusting gasket should meet the technical requirements of the drawing .

5. Requirements for contact area between gaskets: contact area >ge60%.

6. The cushion block can adopt the epoxy perfusion liner approved by the ship inspection.

7. When using tight fit bolts and positioning pins for positioning, it should meet the relevant technical requirements.

8. If the diesel generator set manufacturer has special requirements for installation, it shall be installed according to the technical requirements of the manufacturer. 4.2.10 After the generator set is installed, it is necessary to ensure that the crank difference of the engine is within the specified range (according to the regulations of the product manufacturer).

3. Process

The installation process of the diesel generator set is divided into base installation, unit installation, and system installation through connection.

1. Diesel generator base installation

2. Positioning of the base: The installer first finds the correct installation position, and locates the unit according to the dimensions given in the drawings from the deck (platform), ribs, midship or other related structures of the hull.

3. Move the prefabricated base crane to the positioning position, and recheck the base position, which must meet the requirements of the design drawings.

4. Check the matching state of the plane under the base and the hull structure. When the gap is too large, it must be corrected to meet the technical requirements before welding.

5. After welding, check that the weld quality meets the requirements.

Installation of diesel generator set

1. Use the jacking screw to press the adjusting gasket to jack up the generator, keep the front and rear ends as consistent as possible, check the shifting gear and adjust it to the specified range.

2. After positioning, drill the screw holes of the feet and fasten them with bolts, recheck the throw and submit.

3 Installation of diesel generator set system After the diesel generator set is installed on board, the relevant pipeline system, instruments, instruments and their auxiliary equipment can be connected and penetrated according to the requirements of the drawings.

Four. Inspection

Check the gear throw of the diesel generator set to meet the technical requirements of the product. Installing the above-mentioned way to correctly install the marine diesel generator set can make better use of the diesel generator set and improve the efficiency and stability of the marine generator set.